As Healing Energy Flows Through The Meridians, It Governs All Kinds Of Human Suffering.  These Highly Valued Self-healing Practices Within The Through Exercise, Diet, And Visualizations.

Back.are Acupressure Therapy is highly effective for ailments, and is acupressure ideal for self-treatment and preventive health care for boosting the immune system . As healing energy flows through the meridians, it governs all kinds of human suffering.  These highly valued self-healing practices within the through exercise, diet, and visualizations. For more Acupressure info - from the book energy Qi or Chi.

Use Reiko on the Points by Michael Reed Bach, Ph.D., with 400 illustrations and over a hundred self-acupressure healing applications. A well-developed martial artist master knows how to use the life force for blood circulation and harmonizes all functions of the body. Here are some areas for applying vigorous, with deep pressure applied to each point for three to five seconds.

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