This Mixture Is Said To Be An Excellent Herbal Massage Oil For Relieving Muscle Spasms.

For mild itchy throat with no additional symptoms, home remedies may suffice. There are only a few herbal teas that are helpful in treating symptoms of cold, cough and flu. Well, they can't be used that way as they are dissimilar in many ways. What are the distinguishing characteristics of herbs that set them apart from trees and shrubs? This mixture is said to be an excellent herbal massage oil for relieving muscle spasms. Before using any of the herbs, it is important to conduct an allergy test, oriental medicine to ensure that the person is not allergic to the herb. You may eat the leaves raw, as that is when it is the most effective. You may also prepare a mixture of 15 ml lobelia tincture, 30 ml cramp bark tincture and 35 ml wintergreen essential oil with a cup of sweet almond oil. It has been used since ancient times as medicine, and is once again being revived for the same. They are also used to combat infections and repair dry or damaged skin. One of the best old-fashioned cough remedies is the use of ginger tea. Goldenseal tea is one of the most widely used teas.

Apart from being of good medicinal value, this herb has also been used for protection against evil eye and folk magic. It also helps increase the psycho motor functions in people, thereby causing them to be more alert and active. Various parts of plants such as stems, leaves, seeds, barks, fruits, and roots are used to prepare herbal medicines.

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